'prɑbəbɪ'lɪstɪk /'prɒ- adj. of the theory of probability

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • probabilistic — PROBABILÍSTIC, Ă, probabilistici, ce, adj. 1. Cu caracter de probabilitate. 2. Referitor la teoria probabilităţilor, la calculul probabilităţilor. – Probabil + suf. istic. Trimis de oprocopiuc, 18.04.2004. Sursa: DEX 98  probabilístic adj. m.,… …   Dicționar Român

  • probabilistic — (adj.) 1864, from probabilist (1650s, from L. probabilis, see PROBABLE (Cf. probable)) + IC (Cf. ic) …   Etymology dictionary

  • probabilistic — [präb΄ə bə lis′tik] adj. 1. of or based on probabilism 2. of, based on, or involving probability …   English World dictionary

  • probabilistic — [[t]prɒ̱bəbɪlɪ̱stɪk[/t]] ADJ: usu ADJ n Probabilistic actions, methods, or arguments are based on the idea that you cannot be certain about results or future events but you can judge whether or not they are likely, and act on the basis of this… …   English dictionary

  • probabilistic — /prob euh beuh lis tik/, adj. 1. Statistics. of or pertaining to probability: probabilistic forecasting. 2. of or pertaining to probabilism. [1650 60; PROBABIL(ISM) or PROBABIL(ITY) + ISTIC; cf. F probabiliste believer in probabilism] * * * …   Universalium

  • probabilistic — adjective 1. of or relating to the Roman Catholic philosophy of probabilism • Pertains to noun: ↑probabilism • Derivationally related forms: ↑probabilism 2. of or relating to or based on probability probabilistic quantum theory • Pertains to noun …   Useful english dictionary

  • Probabilistic encryption — is the use of randomness in an encryption algorithm, so that when encrypting the same message several times it will, in general, yield different ciphertexts. The term probabilistic encryption is typically used in reference to public key… …   Wikipedia

  • Probabilistic latent semantic analysis — (PLSA), also known as probabilistic latent semantic indexing (PLSI, especially in information retrieval circles) is a statistical technique for the analysis of two mode and co occurrence data. PLSA evolved from Latent semantic analysis, adding a… …   Wikipedia

  • Probabilistic design — is a discipline within Engineering Design. It deals primarily with the consideration of the effects of random variability upon the performance of an engineering system during the design phase. Typically, these effects are related to quality and… …   Wikipedia

  • Probabilistic forecasting — is a technique for weather forecasting which relies on different methods to establish an event occurrence/magnitude probability. This differs substantially from giving a definite information on the occurrence/magnitude (or not) of the same event …   Wikipedia

  • Probabilistic causation — designates a group of philosophical theories that aim to characterize the relationship between cause and effect using the tools of probability theory. The central idea behind these theories is that causes raise the probabilities of their effects …   Wikipedia

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